Past Projects

CHA Animal Shelter Moveable Fences

The CHA Animal Shelter requested moveable and rearrangeable fences to section off the dog play area at the shelter. The ARF committee designed, prototyped, and tested modular fences. The final design was completed and implemented in April of 2021.

Volunteer & Education Outreach

Local projects is always focused on continued volunteering even amidst the pandemic.  This committee focuses on planning and executing these volunteer programs for our members. In the spring of 2021, they made no-sew blankets for a local homeless shelter, helped with garden maintenance at the Franklin Park Conservatory, and implemented part the TREES project. This involved installing drip lines and planting seedlings at the Linden and Hilltop tree nurseries with Green Columbus, a local nonprofit.

Bat Houses with FLOW

We worked with the Friends of the Lower Olentangy Watershed (FLOW) to put up two bat houses at a local Columbus park. Our goal was to come up with a plan for a cement base and support for the house. The bat houses will benefit the ecosystem in the area and help to control mosquito and insect populations. 

Buckeye Precious Plastics Bulk Bag Process (finalized Autumn 2020)

EWB-OSU partnered with Buckeye Precious Plastics to design a simple process for creating bulk bags by upcycling single use grocery bags. Our members created 2 bulk bags by ironing and sewing together hundreds of plastic bags. The committee also assembled a quick how-to guide on creating these bulk bags. The 2 bags created are used on campus in places like Baker Systems in order to collect plastic bottle caps for recycling and upcycling.

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