Past Projects


The Dominican Republic | Flood Mitigation Project (Nov. 2014- Aug. 2015)


Esfuerzo de Paraiso is a semi-urban community outside of Santo Domingo. The community of Esfuerzo de Paraiso consisted of approximately 70-80 households, with households averaging four to seven family members. The community is separated from the larger surrounding community of Paraiso by the flood plain and a steep hill and is bordered by both a small drainage canal and a small river. This inhibited the people from leaving the community – preventing children from going to school and adults from going to work. Rains flood the extent of this field, with water rising to 6 – 8 feet deep in some areas, preventing exit from and entry to the community.


EWB-OSU planned to alleviate and provide a solution to the major issues the floods have been creating in Esfuerzo de Paraiso. After assessment of the hydraulic analysis, it was confirmed that the project would be too large scale for our student organization. Thus, the team decided that we would no longer progress forward with this program.


El Salvador | Latrine Project (Nov. 2009- Nov. 2013)


The Las Pilitas neighborhood, located south on the fringes of San Pedro Puxtla in El Salvador, is affected by heavy rains during the rainy season. The community is located in a ravine and is often flooded. Currently, no safe form of human waste containment or removal exists in the village. This lack of basic sanitation causes the only available supply of water to be contaminated. Amplified by the flooding down the ravine, the residents of Las Pilitas are at risk for many diseases.


The Central Ohio Professionals chapter of EWB was responsible for the larger project umbrella in this community which involved constructing a road that would access the community and connect it to the neighboring town. EWB-OSU aided in the preliminary sanitation phase of the project in conjunction with EWB-COH. It was necessary to install proper sanitation before the construction of the road so a water line could be put in below it.  For more information about this project, visit the Central Ohio Professionals.