Local Projects

EWB-OSU Local Projects serves to acknowledge and combat the inequality present in our local Columbus community in conjunction with the efforts abroad by our International Projects team. Here, proximity allows the unique ability to curtail designs to the demonstrated needs of our partner in a rapid and iterative manner. Projects come in a range of scopes and areas, connecting us to diverse communities and intimately familiarizing us with the problems faced by these communities. Our work takes the form of fostered community partnerships, engineered solutions to partner problems, and continual volunteering events. Whether it’s inspiring the next generation of engineers with STEM-related kids clubs, or working with local businesses to build small structures, EWB is thankful for these opportunities to give back to the Columbus area.


Current Projects

EMDR Bilateral Stimulation Devices (Buzzies)

EWB OSU has been researching and developing EMDR stimulation devices to be donated to the OSU CCS department. Bilateral stimulation is proven to lower anxiety levels and emit different frequencies inducing a calming sensation for the user. The CCS department will use our devices as a tool used for student therapy sessions.

Franklin County Dog Shelter (PAWS)

PAWS is a new EWB project connected to the Franklin County Dog Shelter (FCDS) in Columbus, Ohio. The team’s goal is to locate, design, and assist in the construction of an enrichment and recreation area for the 100+ adoption-ready dogs at the FCDS over the course of the coming year.

Community Garden (DRIPPY)

The DRIPPY project is focused on improving and developing a community garden on Champion Ave. in Columbus. Partnering with Lutheran Social Services(LSS) and South Side Family Farms(SSFF), the garden is being planned around an LSS food pantry. LSS wants the community garden to be a community space, as well as a space for education on gardening, the benefits of fresh food, and many more topics.

Volunteer & Education Outreach

Local Projects is always focused on continued volunteering outlets even amidst the pandemic.  This committee focuses on planning and executing these volunteer programs for our members. Our first program will be creating and donating no-sew blankets to a nearby homeless shelter.