The OSU Engineers without Borders chapter is divided into 3 different committees each with different meetings and functions. The normal weekly meeting times and locations are posted below, but check the calendar for extra events! To reach membership status, you must pay the semesterly dues ($40 for a year and a shirt!) and attend at least one general body meeting and 1 social or fundraising event.



Wednesdays 7-8 pm in Pomerene Room 280

Our international team typically meets weekly to work on our international projects! We are currently preparing for two trips: a pre-assessment trip to Carrera, Ecuador for the school construction project and a post-assessment trip to determine the success of our implementations in Njau (these trips are tentative, and plans may change based on the evolving Covid-19 situation). If you are new, don’t be afraid to attend our meetings! Use this link to see more about what international projects has completed.


Mondays 7-8 pm in Pomerene Room 280

Local team works on projects and volunteering locally in our Columbus community! We’ve done work from rain gardens to after school STEM programs. They are always looking for more help so it is never too late to join 🙂 Use this link to read about what local projects is currently doing!


Mondays 8-9 pm in Pomerene Room 280

FMS stands for Fundraising, Marketing, and Social! This group keeps the club up and running at OSU and ensures that the club has the funds to complete our projects. Learn skills like grant writing, planning events, and get to know a cool crew.

If you are interested in joining check the calendar to find more details and try out a meeting (or two!).