Ford Community Challenge Grant

Throughout the coronavirus pandemic the mental health needs of many people became more evident. EWB OSU’s Local Projects began work on a mental health tapper device in spring 2021. The device has two handheld vibrating pieces that vibrate in alternating patterns which mimic REM sleep and relax the user. After a semester of work, EWB OSU applied to Ford’s Community Challenge grant. After previously being rejected on a previous application cycle, the mental health tapper project was selected to receive a $25,000 grant from Ford!

Local projects is in the process of developing the electrical and external components of the bilateral simulation tappers. The money from the grant is being used to prototype and test different designs. The extra funds will allow the club to produce large numbers of tappers to be distributed to students both at Ohio State and throughout schools in the Columbus area.

More information about the grant and the other winners can be found at this site: