Current Projects

Buzzies (Bilateral Stimulation Tappers)

The Buzzies committee is currently working on creating bilateral stimulation tappers, which are often used in EMDR(Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) Therapy. These tappers mimic REM sleep and are helpful for stress management and emotional regulation because they trigger a more balanced logic-emotion response. The club will make all the design and prototyping documentation open-source so anyone in the public can replicate the tappers.

The tappers will be distributed to Columbus area High Schools and Ohio State students. They have finalized the motor design and are currently working on the designs for the circuits and the handheld pods.

In addition to all this amazing work, the stimulation tappers project also won the $25,000 Ford Community Challenge Grant to help fund their work. This grant is going to help the club produce large numbers of tappers to distribute throughout the community and make as large an impact as possible!!!


The Drippy committee partnered with the Global Water Institute and Global Matters to work on putting drip irrigation systems into community gardens. They worked together to implement high tunnel and low tunnel irrigation designs and covered the previously existing high tunnel.

The next phase of the project involves applying for a land bank parcel owned by the Columbus land bank. If accepted, the club would be able to lease the land parcel for $30 per year. The goal of the project is to create a community garden space that could be used to design outreach and educational programs for people in the surrounding neighborhoods.